Google tablet coming in next six months – it’s official

Head Honcho at Google, Eric Schmidt had revealed that the online giant will launch a tablet within the next six months and in turn will be taking on Apple’s iPad.

Schmidt revealed to Italian newspaper Corriere della SeraRead the rest

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Amazon selling millions of Kindle Fires

Amazon don’t usually reveal how well their sales are doing but they’ve broken their silence and revealed that the Amazon Kindle Fire and the new Amazon Kindle are selling like hot cakes! The online giant says they’ve sold no less … Read the rest

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MacBook Pro with retina display to arrive next year?

Rumours about Apple’s upcoming MacBook Pro are beginning to circulate and it literally “looks good”, thanks to a seriously high-resolution display.

This is the news from a DigiTimes report, which claims members in supply chains as its source. They … Read the rest

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webOS goes open source – new tablets coming

I think everyone will agree when we say that the history of webOS has been far from boring. Having just killed off the Touchpad and Pre 3 recently, HP has announced that new webOS tablets are on the way, with … Read the rest

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Kindle Fire coming here in January

Reports from Know Your Mobile suggest that the Amazon’s Kindle Fire could be making its way to our side of the pond in January!

The Kindle Fire has so far been a luxury enjoyed only by those of us who … Read the rest

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€70 for first Ice Cream Sandwich tablet, in China

The first slab running Ice Cream Sandwich has made its début, and it’s not any combination of a Galaxy Xoom Transformer as you may have thought. It is in fact, the Ainovo Novo 7 and if you find yourself in … Read the rest

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Galaxy Nexus Volume Drop Fix is Here!

Samsung confirmed today that the fix for the Galaxy Nexus bug that caused the volume to move up and down on its own, is being rolled out to handsets over the next week.

“We’re currently rolling out a fix for … Read the rest

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iPhones outselling Android after iPhone 4S launch

A Worldpanel ComTech report suggest that last month saw Apple pocket a 42.8 per cent share of all smart phone sales, compared to Android’s 35 per cent.

iPhone buyers seem to be fiercely loyal, with 75 per cent of iPhone Read the rest

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Android powered Panasonic phones coming next spring

Android powered Panasonic phones could hit our shores as soon as next spring. A major international phone network is supposedly in talks to bring Panasonic’s Android handsets to Europe by early next year!

Reuters reports that if Panasonic’s Android phones … Read the rest

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Samsung Galaxy Nexus unofficial volume bug fix

Are you sick of waiting for a fix for the infamous Samsung Galaxy Nexus volume droppage bug? Well fear not, there’s a fix… but use it at your own risk!

We’re still waiting on the official fix from the lads … Read the rest

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