Unveiling of Apple iPhone 4S was a let down, but does it matter?

You may be disappointment about the newly announced iPhone 4S, if you were expecting something more. Most of the tech word was if the truth be told.

This is entirely due to the explosion of rumors that took on a life of their own between last years model and this year’s one.

  • …Stunning renderings of devices with a huge display, tapered design, and a change to the iPhone’s iconic home button that’s gone unchanged four versions over? Yup!
  • …Mountains of silicon cases flying out of China made to fit a dramatic new design derived from an allegedly leaked Foxconn prototype? Yup!

The iPhone 4S with dual-core A5 chip, 8MP Camera and Siri

Instead we got the iPhone 4S, a phone that looks just like the iPhone 4 on the outside but like the old saying goes, “Its whats inside that counts”, and the insides of the iPhone 4S are counting fast! The real question is, will people still be lining up for it when it’s released next week, and how well will it sell, even better than last year’s model?
Yes and yes!

But this isn’t a new move by Apple. Cast your mind back to the update from the iPhone 3G to the iPhone 3GS. It’s the same as the iPhone 4S update, the 3GS was a collection of internal changes. The processor was upgraded, as was the wireless networking with quicker HSPA. There was a better camera, and voice control-voice recognition software that let the user launch a song, or make a call with their voice.

The 4S like its predecessor, the 3GS, follows the same trend. Its processor is quite a bit snappier, the camera is better, there’s the option of more storage (if you’re willing to pay for it), and faster cellular data with both CDMA and GSM hardware built-in. All that combined with the iPhone 4S – specific Siri voice recognition feature, make it a pretty solid update.
Siri Voice Recognition Video by CNET

Including the 4S, Apple is continuing to sell the iPhone 4 and the 3GS. The company has a long history of offering last year’s model, but the 3GS is now on offer for free! all you pay for is the carrier contract.

This is standard behaviour from Apple, the company doesn’t dramatically change its computers every year. As we’ve seen with the MacBook Pro and iMac, it’s worked out well for Apple in the past to tweak some things, add a few extra ports and make other adjustments to carry the product right through its lifetime and eventually it’ll work its way to a major overhaul. The difference is the phone world moves a lot faster than the computer world but with the iPhone and its other iOS products, Apple’s hoping users will invest in their system by linking their media stores, app library and the upcoming iMessage platform.

Whatever way you look at it, Apple aren’t going to mess with a tried and tested formula that has worked on the iPhone 3G to 3GS and the iPad to iPad2 transitions, and worked well!

Would anyone want to mess with that formula?

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