Google music store leaked – free songs on the way

Looks like Google have given Apple another reason to worry with its upcoming Music Store, which according to leaked screenshots, is set to offer a free Song of the Day, every day! Yes Please!!

Android Police have reported that TechnoDroidVe has gained back door access to an early version of how Google’s virtual music store and kindly posted a screenshot for us all to enjoy. Admittedly, It looks quite enticing.

A HTC Inspire 4G was used to access the store by the man from TechnoDroidVe but we’re not sure how he gained access, as the store isn’t up and running yet, but he seemed to find a way! The screenshot clearly shows a Free Song of the Day which suggests that if you sign up to the store, you’ll get a free song every day!

The store also seems to offer recommendations based on artists that you’ve searched for or purchased, artist profiles, and a search function… standard stuff really. Tracks are priced between $0.99 and $1.29 (€0.71 to €0.93) and albums are priced between $8.49 and $9.49 (€6.14 and €6.86) but these figures are based on the few items shown, so it’s possible that there will be more prices.

We were hoping to see the rumoured “share with friends” function but there’s no mention of it here. hopefully it will be included when the store goes live.


Google will be making an announcement tomorrow and we’re expecting to hear all the details about the music store then, just one day before the Samsung Galaxy Nexus is launched with Google’s latest Android Operating system, Ice Cream Sandwich.

It’s a busy week for Google!

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