Ultra-thin 15-inch MacBook coming in March?


Apple are to roll out an ultra-thin 15-inch MacBook Pro or MacBook Air soon. Suppliers are supposedly upping production of the bits and pieces needed for the new MacBook, which is either set to be the thinnest pro, or the largest Air.

A DigiTimes report states that Apple’s Suppliers have started producing the necessaries components for the potential 15-inch wafer thin slice of Notebook, readying a launch for as soon as March.

The report confirms our suspicions for a new 15-inch model but will it be an oversized Air or a skinny pro? who knows. A 15-inch Air could be a little too big for the image portrayed by the MacBook Air range. It is the computer that fits in an envelope… but a 15-inch? Not so ..eh, postbox-friendly.

Currently, there is an 11-inch and a 13-inch MacBook Air available from Apple. Starting at 13-inch, the MacBook Pro range could easily welcome an ultra-thin 15-inch model but it’s what makes it a Pro that decides its size, You’ve got the optical drive and the thunderbolt connections which add to the depth of the unit for obvious reasons, but the MacBook Air is almost expected to ditch bulky extras to “make room” for all than thinness.

The MacBook Air inspired “ultrabook” style of notebooks are becoming available from more and more manufacturers, each sticking to Intel’s guidelines, offering portability, speed and lightweight design. HP have just announced that not only are they staying in the PC game but they also have plans to produce their own range of ultrabooks.

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