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Blackberry DevCon 2011 kicks off

As the blackberry DevCon kicks off in San Francisco, blacberry users are waiting in anticipation on the launch of OS 2.0 for the playbook.  Information from multiple sources suggest that the launch will not be on the 18th as anticipated … Read the rest

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Blackberry services back up

The Blackberry Internet Service (BIS) — comprising Blackberry Messenger (BBM), email and web services — was affected, according to customers posting to Twitter and in the official BlackBerry forum. The outage potentially affects millions, given that Research In Motion’s declared … Read the rest

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Déjà vu Blackberry BIS outage affects Ireland … AGAIN

Hmmm, didnt this happen yesterday? No emails since 19:02 for me :( my forwarding rule to Gmail is up and running though, guess we will have to wait it out AGAIN!

Of course this does not just affect email messages, … Read the rest

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Blackberry BIS outage affects Ireland

“Our sincere apologies to all of you affected by today’s BlackBerry service issues.” is the tweet from Blackberry.

At about 11am one of the UK BlackBerry servers went down, affecting users in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.  From my … Read the rest

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Dropbox for BlackBerry updated to v1.0.55

One of the most useful apps for Blackberry and mobile users.  Dropbox is a file sharing app, any file you save to Dropbox also instantly saves to your computers, phones, and the Dropbox website.

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Blackberry Tips – Save your Email Searches

Here’s something which I came across a few days ago, every other day I would look through my BES emails and find a number of emails I need to delete.  So I do an advanced search for the emails I … Read the rest

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Facebook for Blackberry Updated to


New update for Facebook just release for blackberry, grab it now in appworld

fixes include

1. Unexpected logouts
2. Notification freezing bug
3. Disable sync settings

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eBay v2.0 app for Blackberry now in Beta

Finally an updated eBay app for Blackberry is coming.  The new v2.0 app is available to download from Blackberry Beta Zone (Not available in Ireland) and includes features like

  • BBM Connected – Ability to send items you are selling to
  • Read the rest

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Blackberry OS7 – Linking Facebook Contacts Manually


Turning on facebook contacts sync may not be an option for some BES users or like me you have it switched off to try squeezing as much battery life out of your device as posible.

Sometimes they just don’t sync … Read the rest

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Blackberry Bold 9900 Review


Whether you’re typing an email or accessing data – the BlackBerryBold lets you have it your way, every time. From the responsiveness of the BlackBerry QWERTY keyboard to the fluidity of the touch screen – you can communicate and interact … Read the rest

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