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€70 for first Ice Cream Sandwich tablet, in China

The first slab running Ice Cream Sandwich has made its début, and it’s not any combination of a Galaxy Xoom Transformer as you may have thought. It is in fact, the Ainovo Novo 7 and if you find yourself in … Read the rest

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Galaxy Nexus Volume Drop Fix is Here!

Samsung confirmed today that the fix for the Galaxy Nexus bug that caused the volume to move up and down on its own, is being rolled out to handsets over the next week.

“We’re currently rolling out a fix for … Read the rest

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Samsung Galaxy Nexus unofficial volume bug fix

Are you sick of waiting for a fix for the infamous Samsung Galaxy Nexus volume droppage bug? Well fear not, there’s a fix… but use it at your own risk!

We’re still waiting on the official fix from the lads … Read the rest

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Samsung Galaxy Nexus volume bug fix will be here ‘next week’

The volume bug plaguing the latest and greatest Android powered phone, the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, is going to be a thing of the past by next week, or so we hear.

SlashGear reports that next week, shops should be … Read the rest

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Sony Tablet P is more expensive than iPad 2

The Sony Tablet P is currently on sale in the UK from Dixons (it’s not available on the irish site yet…) but only if you’re willing to part with £499.99 (€584.14) of your hard-earned cash.

The Tablet P is a … Read the rest

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Ice Cream Sandwich on Asus Eee Pad Transformer Prime

The most awkwardly named tablet with the most awkwardly named software. a perfect combination! We’ve included the official video of the Asus Eee Pad Transformer Prime running Android Ice Cream Sandwich below.

The Transformer Prime is powered by the Tegra Read the rest

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Galaxy Nexus on sale tomorrow

It’s an exciting week. The Samsung Galaxy Nexus, the first handset to run Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) will hit the shelves tomorrow morning.

Great news if you’re a fan of smartphones, not such great news if … Read the rest

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Sony Ericsson upgrading Xperia range to ICS

Good news Xperia owners! Sony Ericsson announced today that the entire Xperia range will be upgraded to Ice Cream Sandwich very soon. When the update will arrive isn’t exactly known yet but the confirmation is enough to put a smile … Read the rest

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Google music store leaked – free songs on the way

Looks like Google have given Apple another reason to worry with its upcoming Music Store, which according to leaked screenshots, is set to offer a free Song of the Day, every day! Yes Please!!

Android Police have reported … Read the rest

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iPhone 5 did exist but Apple killed it off!

An industry source has revealed to Business Insider that the iPhone 5 was real but Apple pulled the plug on it at the last-minute.

According to the rumour, Apple were set to unveil the iPhone 5 but changed their minds … Read the rest

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