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Amazon selling millions of Kindle Fires

Amazon don’t usually reveal how well their sales are doing but they’ve broken their silence and revealed that the Amazon Kindle Fire and the new Amazon Kindle are selling like hot cakes! The online giant says they’ve sold no less … Read the rest

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Kindle Fire coming here in January

Reports from Know Your Mobile suggest that the Amazon’s Kindle Fire could be making its way to our side of the pond in January!

The Kindle Fire has so far been a luxury enjoyed only by those of us who … Read the rest

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€120 Amazon Kindle Fire phone coming next year!?

The Kindle Fire has yet to appear here but that won’t stop up getting excited about the next best thing, and that’s the Kindle Fire Phone. Amazon is reportedly getting ready put the fear into Apple yet again by undercutting … Read the rest

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Siri voice rival “Yap” bought by Amazon


Amazon are yet again giving Apple reasons to worry. The bookseller and manufacturer of the Kindle range of ebook readers has bought Yap, a voice assistant similar the Apple’s Siri. This move will potentially help the Kindle FireRead the rest

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‘iPad Mini’ to put out the Kindle Fire?

Word on the street is that Apple could be working on an iPad to take on the new Amazon Kindle Fire.

We’ve heard chatter flying about a 7-inch Apple tablet. Possibly a well-timed move as it’s the same size … Read the rest

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Amazon 10.1″ tablet to ship around christmas time

The new 7″ Kindle Fire is likey to get a 10.1″ companion as soon as christmas reports suggest.

According to DigiTimes, they have received anonymous Will the 7" Kindle get a 10.1" Companion soon?information that the online giant is in talks with Taiwan-based Foxconn electronics. The word … Read the rest

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